Pärt-Jaagu farmstead

Our story

Life in more than 140 years old farmstead.
Pärt-Jaagu farmhouse is situated in the middle of Estonia on the second highest mountain called Emumägi. We are part of a historical village and the farmhouse dates back to 1874,
when the first map included the premises.

This farm is historical in its layout and architecture - having the old type main house, storage house and smokesauna. All this has been renovated during last 15 years according to the
traditional restoration methods.
In addition this place has been keeping also the traditions 
of what to eat and how to
prepare it - next to kamatradition we are keeping alive the tradition of making smoked
meat in smokesauna. 
This is all happening under our 100 year old apple trees and
all of the locals who want to learn can participate in it.

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